The Southern Pacific 3105, was once part of the famous streamliner the Sunset Limited. Dances, receptions, small trade shows, celebrations, family reunions, or just a lot of golf clubs or ski gear fit comfortably in one spacious compartment with side doors for easy accessibility. The Southern Pacific 3105 has private rooms for break-out meetings and sleeping spaces, complete with private showers. Enjoy the flexibility of the Southern Pacific 3105 on your next trip.


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Planning a Private Railcar trip requires attention to a lot of detail. Generally Private Railcars which are Amtrak-compatible can run wherever Amtrak and Via (Canada) run trains. Your first contact needs to be with the car owner to begin exploring all the possibilities. How many people? What distance? One way or round trip? (A one-way trip will require a "dead-head" positioning move, which costs, too.) How much lead time (the more the better)?

Multi-course gourmet dining, or box lunch snacks? Beverages, especially wine and liquor, can vary greatly in cost. Although costs may be $5000 a day, if you divide among, say, 20 people, this is only $250 per person for the trip of a lifetime.

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