Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the secluded and luxurious world of Private Railcars. Feel the happy anticipation as you step up onto the car platform. You’ve planned the trip in your mind, starting when you first knew there was something better than coach class… First Class.

Now your trip is about to begin. Step inside the car… you’re greeted by the car owner, or perhaps an attentive crew member, and maybe some of the other passengers. Sit back in unexpected comfort. You are about to begin the trip of a lifetime. Welcome aboard!!!

What is a Private Railcar?

During the Golden Age of American passenger trains, from about 1880 to 1945, Presidents and Tycoons and Movie Stars rode in Private Railcars. The Woolworths, Huttons, and Vanderbilts had cars built especially to their personal order, just as today’s corporate jets are outfitted to the needs of today’s top executives. As you can rent a private jet today, the Pullman Company would rent you a Private Railcar back then. That tradition--elegant, attentive service, private exclusivity, and beautiful décor--has been preserved, for 21st-century travelers, by owners of the Private Railcars you see on this web site.

What’s the Difference?

Privacy - you board the car well in advance of train departure, if you wish, away from the crowd. Other passengers on the train can’t walk through your car. You know in advance who else, if anyone, is riding in your car… because you’ve invited them. You can ride, sleep, and dine, in whatever seclusion you choose, in your own private space.

Luxury – the furnishings and interior décor of your car are much better than today’s plastic public accommodations. Some Private Railcars have interior paneling of rare woods. Beautiful upholstery, lovely linens, and tableware complete the sumptuous environment.

Fine Dining - Many who remember the Golden Age of American rail travel think the fine dining was the best part. Competing railroads vied to serve the finest cuisine and beverages in their diners. Of course, the best viands went to the "office cars" used by railroad executives (who didn’t use the term Private Railcar for their own cars… out of deference to the stockholders).

Safety – designed and built originally to the very high standards of main-line railroads, those cars listed as "Amtrak-compatible" have undergone extensive repairs and upgrades to meet the rigorous requirements Amtrak imposes upon private car owners today.

Click through the Private Railcars and begin planning your trip. (Hint: clicking on Visit Cars or Charter a Car and then clicking "Reload" on your browser, will step through all the Private Railcar individual listings one at a time.) This site also has information about buying and maintaining your own Private Railcar. Thanks for visiting.

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